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Teachers' Regulations for Full-time Faculty
Regulations for Full-time Faculty
  1. Rank & Title
  2. Length of Employment
  3. Salary Assessment
  4. Part-time Academic/Administrative Directorship
  5. Faculty Rights
  6. Faculty Obligations
  7. Temporarily Transfer, Part-time Job, Teaching outside NCTU
  8. Resignation
  9. Dismissal, Suspension, Declined to renew the employment
  10. Pay
  11. Taking leave
  12. Benefits
  13. Insurance
  14. Retirement

Rank & Title
University faculty is divided into four ranks: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and Lecturer. They are responsible for teaching, researching, and counseling.

Length of Employment
Initial-contract is valid for one year, so is the first extension of employment. Each of the following contracts will last for two years.

Salary Assessment
  1. The level of teachers' salary is assessed according to one's degree and seniority.
  2. New faculty's salary will be paid from the date of arrival. If the faculty reports to work before the date of employment, the salary will be paid from the starting date of employment.
  3. If the new faculty has a full-time job and resigns from such appointment after the employment date at Chiao Tung (e.g. August 1st, 2008), the salary will be paid from the date of resignation. (e.g. August 16th, 2008.)
  4. According to the regulations of Ministry of Education, the faculty's salary can be assessed based on ones' seniorities after acquiring a highest degree (PhD, master's degree), one level a year.

Part-time Academic/Administrative Directorship
ROC-citizen faculty members can be appointed to positions as part-time academic/administrative directors. Foreign faculty member can be appointed as part-time academic directors such as Vice-president, Dean, and Department/ Institute Chairperson.

Faculty Rights
According to Article16, Teacher’s Act, teachers who are duly appointed will have the following rights:
  1. Provide opinions on academic and administrative policies.
  2. Entitled to be paid with a salary, benefits, retirement, compensation, layoff payment, and insurance.
  3. Participate in in-service training and research and academic exchange activities.
  4. Join faculty's organizations and participate in their activities.
  5. Appeal according to the law against illegal or impropriate measures which offend personal rights.
  6. Enjoy the freedom of teaching and counseling students according to the university regulation and other relevant laws.
  7. Except in special cases specified by law and regulations, teachers can reject work or activities which are not related to their teaching.
  8. All the other rights are specified by the law.

Faculty Obligations
According to Article 17, Teacher's Act, in addition to upholding the law and fulfilling the contract, teachers have the following obligations:
  1. Abide by the contract rules, uphold the university's reputation.
  2. Actively protect students' rights to learn.
  3. Implement teaching activities according to the law or school arrangement.
  4. Counsel or discipline students; lead them to a proper development.
  5. Engage in research and advanced studies related to teaching.
  6. Be professional.
  7. Participate in the university's academic, administrative and social activities according to relevant laws.
  8. Refrain from revealing students' personal information unless it is required by law.
  9. Assume the role as mentor.
  10. Other responsibility as specified by law governing teachers' conduct.

Temporarily Transfer, Part-time Job, Teaching outside NCTU
  1. Teachers are not allowed to have another part-time teaching or part-time job according to Article 34, Teacher Employment Rules, except when allowed under other regulations. Teachers are required to obtain permission from NCTU to be temporarily transferred, have another part-time job or engage in part-time teaching.
  2. Teachers should meet the required teaching load and then other school should send a notice to ask for NCTU’s consent before engaging in part-time teaching. Part-time teaching should be 4 hours a week at most. Foreign teachers are not allowed to teach at cram school.
  3. For teachers who are also holding administrative position, salary of the first part-time job can not exceed NT$8,000, and salaries of the second part-time jobs can not exceed NT$16,000. For teachers who are not holding administrative position, monthly payment of part-time jobs can not exceed NT$104,820. If the duration of the part-time job is more than six months, the organization where the teachers work part time should pay an amount of compensation to NCTU.

  1. Without proper reasons, teachers can not resign before the expiration of the contract.
  2. Notice in writing is required to be sent a month before expiration of the contract if teachers plan to resign. If resigning while the contract is still valid, teachers can not leave their post without permission from the university.

Dismissal, Suspension, Declined to renew the employment
According to Aritcle14, Teacher’s Act, a teacher’s contract will not be terminated, temporarily terminated or rejected for continuation unless:
  1. Confirmed sentence of imprisonment for over 1 year without suspension.
  2. Used to work as a public servant and received confirmed sentence for corruption or is involved in on-going case.
  3. Not hirable according to the law or still on suspension from work.
  4. Be still deprived of civil rights.
  5. Be announced interdiction.
  6. Inappropriate behavior proven after investigation.
  7. Be diagnosed by a doctor with a mental disorder.
  8. Not competent to teach or seriously breaks the contract.

Pay is divided into salary and payment for academic research. Administrators will receive additional pay.
Full-time Teachers' Pay
Item Profess Associate Professor Assistant Professor Lecturer
Monthly Salary NT$39090~NT$53075 NT$33430~NT$51745 NT$29435~NT$48415 NT$25435~NT$47080
Payment of Academic Research NT$54450 NT$45250 NT$39555 NT$31145
Additional Pay for managers Directors Professors working as Deans, Department/Institute Chairperson, will receive additional pay of NT$26,480.
Year-end Bonus 1.5 months. (According to the months of employment.) unless bonus cancelled or reduced according to regulations
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